Tamarack House Refresh

We are so exited to show you the updates we have done on The Tamarack House! Last year we repainted the exterior, updating it form its old drab blue to a beautiful woodsy green and brown with white trim. We are very pleased with the way it tuned out!

For the interior we have repainted the interior as well as updating the comforters in all the bedrooms. It has turned out absolutely stunning!

This spring we did a refresh on the inside repainting as well as updating the comforters. The kitchen and bathroom are a wonderful warm yellow, making them bright and cheery!

For the bedrooms we have done cabin themed comforters and gone with earth toned colors for the walls.

And for the living room and dining room we have gone with browns.

Our goal was to give the House a woodsy theme and I think we did just that. Let us know what you think!