December 28, 2017

Discounted Nightly Agreement

Between Tamarack RV Park and (name)_____________________ Site # _____

For the remainder of this agreement, the person(s) named above will be referred to as “Guest(s).”

As Tamarack RV is a privately operated outdoor camping facility, Guest acknowledges they are renting a campsite on a day-to-day basis. Guest also agrees that Tamarack RV accepts rent payments of up to thirty-one days at a time as a convenience to the guests and that this convenience does not constitute tenancy as in mobile home facilities. Each reservation extension may be made only at the discretion of Tamarack RV Park Management. The discounted nightly rate is only applicable to reservations with blocks of thirty nights or more paid in advance.

Tamarack RV Park maintains current Rules and Regulations for all guests at the RV park and the most recent is included and shall be considered as part of the discounted nightly agreement.

This Discounted Nightly Agreement can be revoked with 24-hour notice for any violations of this agreement.

All discounted nightly stay RV’s must be approved by the mgmt, and be no more than 10 years old.

The discounted nightly option for payment is for the sole purpose of convenience to the Guest and creates no mobile home landlord-tenant relationship between the Guest and Tamarack RV Park.

By accessing services at Tamarack RV Park and paying for a site for your RV or tent, the Guest authorizes us to keep a credit card on file to pay for any unpaid site or power balances at the time of checkout.

Guest will be responsible for the cost of electricity used during their discounted nightly stay. Power use of the previous thirty-one nights will be added to the current rent due. Payment for power and site rent is due on or before the end of the guest’s discounted nightly stay. 

If the Guest fails to make additional reservations prior to the end of their discounted nightly reservation and has not vacated the site by 12 PM on the day following their last paid reservation night, power and utilities to the site will be shut off, if guests has still not vacated the sites by 2 PM Guest authorizes Tamarack RV Park to arrange with a towing company and have the RV towed off-premises and impounded at their (the guests) expense, and if necessary to enter the RV for the sole purpose to bring in the slides.

A deposit of $300 is required to hold a discounted nightly stay RV site for up to two weeks. This deposit is non-refundable if the RV site is not checked into and rented on the date agreed to. (After paying this deposit, an initial grace period of 24 hours is allowed to change one’s mind and receive a full refund of the deposit). After check-in, this same $300 becomes a refundable Security Deposit.  At checkout, the final site and power bill will be calculated and deducted from this Security Deposit, and the balance refunded within 7 days back onto the credit card on file. If the Guest leaves a site dirty, debris cleanup and hauling will be charged at $25/hour. If Security Deposit is insufficient for this charge, the Guest’s credit card will be charged for this extra cost.

If roommates wish to rent an RV site for a discounted nightly stay, one Discounted Nightly Agreement will be accepted from the responsible person. If that person vacates their RV but leaves it onsite, or removes the RV, the reservation terminates immediately. A final accounting of power will be made the day the responsible party leaves, the site inspected and/or cleaned, and the deposit return calculated. Power to the site will be locked. If the roommate left behind wishes to stay in Tamarack RV park, s(he) must come to the office the day of the split and make proper arrangements and reservations.

There are NO rent refunds.

NO smoking in restrooms, vacation cabins, or ANY building in the RV park.

If a Guest desires to move to a different RV site (pending management approval), there will be a $50 administrative charge.

If a Guest does not arrange for the moving of their RV at the time of check-out, OR if a Guest must move to a different site during their stay and has no tow vehicle, they authorize Tamarack RV Park to call a tow truck, and they agree to cover all towing fees.

If a Guest does not move their RV and management is required to call towing and supervise the RV move, in addition to the towing expense, there will be a $100 inconvenience fee. Collected by Tamarack RV Park, in addition to the towing expense charged by the tow company.

Any late check-out after 1 pm will incur an additional one-night charge.

All persons and pets that will occupy the site must be listed on the application. Showers and bathroom facilities are for registered guests only.

ALL RVs must have running water and a working sewer. Water lines must be secure and free from leaks. Sewer lines must be securely attached to the park’s hookup with threads or have a doughnut to prevent any leaks or fumes from escaping. Power cords must be in safe working condition.

No washing dishes or pets in bathrooms.

This Agreement may not be assigned to any other person(s) not named herein.

We are more than happy to extend your stay on an as-available basis. Guests are to inform management if planning an extended time away from the RV park.  If the Guest wishes to extend their stay beyond the current check-out date, please notify our office staff 20 days in advance in order to extend your check-out date and block the site from other reservations. 

Incoming mail will not be accepted.  Please acquire a P.O. Box, as staff cannot deliver mail. UPS and FedEx deliver straight to the site.

If the police are called to the park for an incident in which a Guest, or any family members, roommates, or visitors are involved in, other than for medical reasons, guest(s) will be asked to leave, and this can be cause for immediate eviction.

Guest authorizes park staff and workers to access all areas of their site, for the purpose of grooming/maintenance. Management conducts occasional inspections of all sites. No outside storage of water heaters, tarps, refrigerators, permanent furniture, messy children’s toys, or outdoor carpet/matting on grass is permitted.  No add-on roofs or storage buildings are allowed. Wooden steps, porches, or other structures are not allowed. Exceptions for the case of disability must be reviewed and approved by park staff BEFORE steps are built.  Awnings extended from RVs are permitted.  If extra space is needed, please ask for availability to rent one of our storage buildings.

Propane tanks must be set on plastic or wood pads to protect the pavement.

FOR SALE signs are not allowed.  However, Guests can advertise on the bulletin board at the front office.  

Keeping a clean and tidy RV is desirable. Our staff periodically evaluates the exterior of RVs and will notify owners when we believe their rig needs washing.  However, because of City fees for water and sewer (we are charged sewer fees based on water usage), there is a $10 charge to wash cars and $20 for RV’s, payable at the office BEFORE washing. No personal sprinklers are allowed to water at RV sites.

A maximum of one RV and one or two vehicles are permitted on a space-available basis per site.  This includes a car, boat, motorcycle, utility trailer, or any other vehicle of any description. All vehicles must be maintained and licensed, in drivable condition, and parked on asphalt only. Vehicles must be cosmetically acceptable in the sole judgment of Management.

DO NOT warm up vehicles where exhaust fumes might go into your RV, or your neighbor’s RV or tent site. Vehicles with exhaust louder than 90 dbA are not allowed (as measured by park staff, using a standard protocol and decibel meter…level with exhaust, 20” from the tailpipe, 30 degrees off-center from the tailpipe, the engine revved 3K-5K rpm)

Pets are welcome on the property at the sole discretion of park management and must be listed on the Discounted Nightly Agreement. A pet fee of 35¢ /day applies to each pet. Both dogs and cats are to be kept indoors, or on a hand-held leash at all times, and attended by the owner at times. Pets may not be tied outdoors, enclosures, fences, and tethers are not allowed. 

You are solely responsible for cleaning up after your pet(s). There is a $10 fee for any infraction of our pet policy. Charges are due immediately and become part of the Guest’s history. 

No animals are allowed in any of the park’s buildings and bathrooms. Aggressive animals will be removed from the premises and/or their owner given notice to move.

All pets are required to have an identification photo on file in the park office. Upon arrival, please come to the office and staff will snap a “family portrait” of guests and their pet.

We do allow and encourage, temporary winter skirting on Guest’s RV during the months of October, November, December, January, February, March, and April.  Skirting must be removed on or before April 30th.

It is best practice during warm weather to keep one’s black and grey water tank valves closed until tanks are filled, and then dump them and close valves again.

Because our rates are based on guest occupancy, please make us aware of all guests staying at your site. If the number of your party has changed since booking, please notify us.  Extra guests over the number of two are only $1/person/night for Discounted Nightly Guests.

Guest acknowledges receipt of Tamarack RV Park Rules and Regulations and agrees to abide by them and this Discounted Nightly Agreement. Infringement of Park rules may result in fines and/or eviction.